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Andrews & Partners

Best Training & Development 2016

The training and development at Andrews is all about successfully instilling the company values into the mindset of the team. The company has been through a total rebrand which was led by the employees, and the business model is based on a triangle with people at the top and the income flowing down from there. The results of the training and development are carefully measured so the curriculum can evolve to meet the changing demands of the business and the clients. One specific example of this is the specific training given to negotiators to allow them to extol the virtue of using a high street agent over an online one during initial conversations. They train people on the ground and talk openly to those employees who have come from other industries to understand different areas of best practice. Training at Andrews isn’t an add-on; it is an inherent cornerstone of their culture.

Best Social Media 2016

Having been recognised in this category time and again for both sales and lettings, Andrews Property Group continues to impress with its confident approach to social media. The strategy and objectives are clearly defined so the social media activities are designed to support these and achieve the desired results. The team understands the importance of using the online presence to support offline events and vice versa, and it was evident that they manage to combine these disciplines really well. The dedicated social media personnel have carefully selected which online platforms they appear on and push out content relevant to each. They produce a huge amount of content from videos to online events and analyse the data to understand where customers engage with them so they can adapt and evolve the content accordingly. Content is managed centrally but the staff is encouraged to get involved and share ideas for online campaigns and activities; they are given regular training to fully understand the brand messaging and tone of voice required when participating. Communication is regular, consistent and honest and it is clear that social media is an intrinsic part of Andrews’ success.

Best UK Large Lettings Agency 2016

As Andrews is owned by a charitable trust there is a strong focus on CSR and engagement with the local community. The company has just purchased their first property which will be used to home young adults leaving care who may not have anywhere else to go. They will work with 1625 charity in Bristol and the hope is that they can mentor the tenants to become Andrews’ trainees and help break the cycle. The staff is encouraged to help renovate the property and they are fully supportive of this initiative. The culture at Andrews is one of openness and sharing; everyone is encouraged to offer their ideas for shaping the business and opinions are valued. The technology and systems at Andrews are impressive. The back office IT has been designed in-house to meet the exacting customer service standards, and the increasing requirements of landlords and tenants. For a business with such an illustrious heritage, the drive to keep developing and evolving the company practices, systems and processes is truly impressive.