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Anthoy Pepe

Best Individual Valuer 2016

Mina Gadelrab at Anthony Pepe
Mina spoke a lot about the importance of self-criticism as he holds himself to very high standards. He understands the value in analysing errors and using these in order to better improve his performance in future. He has an impressive track record with fee initiatives and commands high fees, even in tougher markets. Mina is all about the customer: he knows that if he provides a service that meets their needs that profit will follow. When he started in agency he noticed gaps in the listing process so mapped out his own improved process. He listens to his clients and understands the competition so he knows how to position his agency’s services and differentiators. Mina expects to win every property he values and spends a significant amount of time looking at those instructions that went to another agent so he can change the result next time. He and his team discuss any new instruction and compile a list of potential buyers. Mina never stops working on how he can be a better lister – he really is inspirational.

Best Small London Estate Agency 2016

The team at Anthony Pepe is always seeking to improve and innovate. They are totally well prepared for any situation: trained and motivated. Everything is thoroughly reviewed by an independent audit and the systems are tweaked to ensure absolute consistency, however they do allow for differences in each branch to suit the local demographic. There is a fab culture at this agency – they are always trying to better themselves and regularly come up with fresh ideas and innovations. The management team runs a tight ship but are always friendly and approachable. The staff are trained in communication skills and they regularly participate in role play exercises to ensure they’re fully prepared for any number of situations. There are some excellent initiatives which are benefitting both turnover and profit, as well as building excitement and engagement in the local community.  

Best Small London Lettings Agency 2016

The overarching view of the panel was that this agency had a great feel about it, and that they would have no hesitation using it. The services offered to both landlords and tenants are excellent; they combine a corporate approach with well thought-out personal touches. Tenants can access the annual spring clean service, and can also participate in referral schemes. The use of video testimonials and great content boosts landlords’ confidence as they can see that the team at Anthony Pepe is efficient, knowledgeable and assertive. They actively target accountants and mortgage brokers, and carry out dedicated prospecting to attract new landlords, and existing landlords are retained due to great customer care and a considered array of services. The directors use technology to drive the business, and they have an active presence on social media platforms. They also look outside the box to find new ways of engaging with potential new clients.

Best Lettings Branch Manager 2016

Kris White, Anthony Pepe
Kris sees his role as empowering the people around him to achieve great things, and it is clear that he does this very well indeed. He has recruited high calibre individuals and has worked hard to build an environment which encourages them to use their collective strengths to become a world class team. He is fully on board with the culture at Anthony Pepe and communicates this to the staff who in turn embody this for the landlords and tenants. As someone who works across both the sales and lettings disciplines Kris understands the importance of being able to diversify, as no two days, or two clients are the same. He therefore works hard to constantly learn so he is fully up to date with all industry requirements as well as market changes and new stock coming to market. This ethos is distilled down to the team so the client can access a high level service irrespective of who they deal with. The panel got the impression that Kris has been an intrinsic part of step change at Anthony Pepe and has proved to be the perfect person at the perfect time.