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Cecil Jackson-Cole Award for Corporate Social Responsibility 2016

Charters sees itself as a dynamic, successful, hungry and responsible organisation. The team has positioned the business as a community champion which gives back to the community that supports it. The amount of money raised over the past 12 months is impressive and comprises a good mix of sponsorship and straightforward donations. They seek to get involved wherever they can so the staff are as at home at a cake sale as they are abseiling or running. There is a clearly defined strategy for corporate social responsibility but they also try to have as much fun as possible, an attitude that is proving contagious. They support local schools to increase fundraising by attending the events and helping with the various initiatives. Each year they choose a dedicated charity to provide a focal point for their CSR activities for that year however they also manage to continue to support a number of smaller causes and events as well. The panel was impressed by Charters’ support of charities however were also pleased to see the company’s understanding of CSR outside of this. The team is extremely sensitive to environmental considerations so aim to minimise paper usage across all departments and they walk as much as possible. They employ people who live locally and have a number of paid interns, recruiting the latter during their frequent attendances at college open evenings. Everything they do is to improve situations and give back to the community; they work hard to generate ideas, provide support and help fundraise. Charters’ approach to CSR is very good indeed.

Best Prestige Estate Agency 2016

Charters’ prestige offering has evolved naturally and is now an intrinsic part of the business. The directors took the decision to keep the prestige service inclusive so vendors have full access to the entire team’s experience and know-how. A significant number of the team are based overseas so Charters use 3D technology to create immersive 3D viewings which can be accessed via any device. This has enabled high net-worth individuals to save time through the ability to shortlist properties for a real viewing. There are some interesting initiatives to get staff into the mindset of delivering a prestige service - they took the team to stay at a budget hotel then to a five star hotel to illustrate the difference. They have built effective alliances with key organisations so can offer excellent marketing tools, and their relationships with high-end developers means they deliver results. Charters enjoys an excellent reputation and provides an attentive and intuitive service.

Best UK Small Estate Agency 2016

Charters provides a professional service with a focus on transparency and accountability. They’ve introduced Community Champions to support and raise money for local causes and they’re well liked and respected in their location. The training department ensures all staff are highly trained and informed, and without exception, every one of the eclectic team has been recruited primarily for their life experience and attitude over and above industry experience. The directors seek to employ quality people from different walks of life and then train them to become estate agents. The director is incredibly hands-on and has created a market-leading business. The panel felt that Charters Estate Agents is a genuine success story; it’s grown rapidly over the past seven years and built a great reputation for providing brilliant service that gets results.

Best Small South East Esate Agency 2016

Charters is a great business, and the panel felt it fully deserved the gold. Community Champions have been elected to get involved with local people. The team comes from a range of backgrounds and bring this experience to the fore when dealing with the intricacies and complications of moving. It was evident from the testimonials that the clients really value this level of expertise. Particularly impressive was the fact that the partners speak to every lost instruction in order to understand issues and dissatisfaction, then seek to apply the lessons learned to the business so they can continually improve. The new homes offering is excellent and they’re winning instructions from developers against tough competition. The excellent mystery shopping results backed up the judge’s findings.

Best Individual Negotiator Esatate Agency 2016

Nony Kerr-Smiley at Charters Estate Agents
Nony takes an empathic approach to her clients; she recognises that moving homes is stressful so works hard to proactively identify any issues and minimise these wherever she can. She has a great work ethic and works long hours to ensure she is always available for her clients. There is a high level of online reviews for her personally, which are very good indeed. She has been in agency long enough to have a great understanding and expertise but still maintains her fresh and enthusiastic approach. Her unique drive sees her at the top of the company's performance ratings, a position she has maintained for years. That passion combined with an intuitive grasp of her clients’ needs is powerful and she shows lots of initiative creating deals out of nowhere and winning over difficult customers. People truly matter to her and she encourages colleagues to approach every interaction with a positive mindset, and to try and understand that each client has different emotions and motivations and to act accordingly. Nony is a tour de force whose passion and behaviours are inspiring.

Best Individual Manager Estate Agency 2016

Elliott Trodd at Charters Estate Agents
Elliott is very aware that a manager is only as strong as his team. He is a very impressive individual who is process-driven but who also spends a lot of time on people management and building relationships. His main driver is to treat everyone with utmost respect as this is then reciprocated. He works hard on building a strong team and they all muck in: Elliott believes in never asking someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. His team all know that they have a voice: they are given clear targets so everyone understands not only their own number but also how this contributes to the overall business. He has a proven track record with developing great negotiators, including those who may have struggled in other agencies but who have gone on to achieve fantastic results under Elliott’s tutelage. He is confident, friendly and focused, and the panel felt that he was motivated more by his people than by property but understands that the two go hand in hand.

Best New Homes Estate Agency 2016

Charters has worked hard to produce an holistic service for developers, providing a comprehensive range of services from land sourcing to quantity surveying, and full launch events. As part of the land sourcing they have a “land trade” function, which delivers both revenue on the land sale and also from the lock-in to the developer buyers. They also partner with third party planning companies to offer additional expertise. The directors believe that integrity and transparency are key to building trusted relationships and they achieve this aim through proactive and constructive communication. They have worked extremely hard to become a market leader in the new homes arena, and the number of units in the pipeline is evidence that their approach has worked. Developers like working with Charters as they provide an agile and adaptable service; the fantastic team simply gets the job done with no fuss.