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Best Marketing Estate Agency 2016

Chestertons is working with the Royal Academy of Arts on an initiative to improve their direct mail response whilst simultaneously supporting the RAA and providing Londoners with free access to world-class art exhibitions. The team noticed the response to direct mail, and understood it was associated in the minds of the consumer with junk mail so they set out to change this mindset. The campaign was confident and articulate; the focus was on lead nurturing rather than instant conversion as they are looking to build long-term relationships with people. The design of the DM pieces is both simple and dynamic with a uniqueness that demonstrates Chestertons is ready to break from the norm. The campaign has resulted in a tangible return on investment: the DM response rate has increased by nearly 100% of which 30% converted into warm leads and they can attribute a significant increase in valuations directly to this campaign.

Best Large Estate Agency 2016

Chestertons offers a full service with some impressive add-ons. There is a strong culture of promoting from within so many of the senior team have worked their way up through the ranks, and are engaged with the brand. Furthermore, having travelled this path themselves, they are keen to carry on the practice and mentor the rest of the team to do the same. They invest in the local community and there are numerous examples of involvement in charitable initiatives including a payroll charity scheme. They have also formed innovative partnerships with charities and organisations such as the Royal Academy of Arts, The Dogs Trust, Polo in the Park and Avios in order to provide both existing and potential clients with a range of rewards and experiences. The Chesterton standards are set out in a specific document, which is accessible to the entire team and it is expected that everyone meets these standards.

Best Innovation Lettings Agency 2016

Chestertons identified that in this industry many relationships can be quite short-term and transactional based, and sought a way of guaranteeing customer loyalty to its brand. They identified the Avios rewards points scheme as a way of doing this and arranged an exclusive arrangement whereby participants received one point for every £1 of fee: to date they have given away more than one million points. This scheme has succeeded on a number of levels: landlord retention has increased as has new business - a proportion of this can be directly attributed to the introduction of the Avios points. Chestertons has also benefitted through leveraging Avios’ client base and technology as they have the ability to capture new clients through the push alerts Avios sends out to its members alerting them to new ways of collecting points. The partnership has enabled Chestertons to position itself as a premium brand in the same league as other Avios participants such as BA and American Express. Feedback from overseas clients also suggests they have benefitted which is fantastic.

Best Marketing Lettings Agency 2016

The marketing team at Chestertons has taken a long-term view on the return from their direct mail marketing activity and undertook to do something unusual. They set out clear objectives for what they wanted to achieve from direct mail - lead generation, nurturing and the ability to collect valuable data - and then designed the campaign. As a corporate sponsor of the Royal Academy of Arts, they have access to a number of free tickets which proved very popular with the target audience so they designed high quality postcards using art from the RAA’s collection and mailed these out as a way of capturing data from potential clients with the incentive of free exhibition tickets if they followed a web link and completed the online form. The quality and the idea behind the design of the postcards was excellent and the follow up to the campaign appears to have been carried out very well. There was a big increase in responses beyond that which is usually seen from a traditional mail drop.
The feedback from those who went to the exhibition about the likelihood of using Chestertons in future was extremely positive.