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Pygott & Crone

Best Customer Server - Large Estate Agency 2016

Pygott & Crone is an impressive business operating at a very high standard indeed - they’re leading the way in providing fantastic customer service. The directors understand that customer care impacts the business so they have implemented a number of relevant KPIs to measure this, and evolved accordingly. The team is very good at what they do, and they are now aided even more by the heavy investment in technology as they’ve been freed up from a lot of the admin and paperwork. Due to the focus on service and services, Pygott & Crone is able to command some of the highest fees in its location, and it is clear that clients are happy to pay this as they recognise that they’re receiving valuable assistance from an experienced team. Pygott & Crone is a focused, multi-discipline agency delivering customer service with aplomb.

Best UK Medium Estate Agency 2016

It is a delight to once again recognise Pygott & Crone as a stand-out agency. The directors have invested heavily in technology over the past 12 months and now provide a fully joined up contact platform which is not only benefitting the clients but also streamlining business processes. The new contact centre fields a high volume of calls and is fully integrated with the CRM system. The phones are staffed by negotiators so clients can have their questions answered without delay. Clients can log in to their own portal to access documents and check transaction progress – analytics show that many clients are using this functionality. Pygott & Crone carries an impressive employee number compared to its branch network and the breadth of experience offered by the team ensures that clients receive an impressive service.

Best Medium Midlands Estate Agency 2016

Pygott & Crone is perpetually successful and the panel is impressed that it is able to constantly improve its already high standards. There has been a massive investment in technology so the team can focus on providing personal customer care whilst being confident that any administrative requirements are being met by the CRM programme. The web developer is in-house so they can update the website in real time, and customers have multiple ways of interacting through the website via contact forms, videos and links. The branch network is spread over a wide area of Lincolnshire and the team manages to maintain consistency across every office. In addition to the agency branches, there are specialist offices for new homes, commercial and customer care. With nine residential offices Pygott & Crone is at the lower end of the medium category but the panel found that it is more than able to compete with larger businesses whilst keeping flex and speed.  

Best Website Estate Agency 2016

Pygott & Crone is doing interesting things. The directors understand that the website is never ‘finished’; it’s a living, evolving part of the business. They have taken everything in-house and made a huge investment in their whole technology piece. There is real evidence that they’re thinking ahead and future proofing their business through the new online offering – they don’t see it as reinventing the website but rather as an extra office. The integration of live chat and extended opening hours sets Pygott & Crone apart from many of its competitors. The attention to detail is impressive. Data is key and they have undertaken a lot of benchmarking against different demographics so they know if they’re hitting their targets. Key web performance stats are measured and evaluated so the site can be amended as quickly as possible, and to the best possible effect. They have complete self-belief in the ability of the online offering to take Pygott & Crone to where the customers are – online.