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Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2016
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Lettings Agency of the Year Awards 2016
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Best Customer Service - Large Lettings Agency 2016

Thorgills takes a client-centric approach to lettings. The team incentivises clients to complete the NPS survey with vouchers and by making it as simple as possible to answer the questions, for example by texting them out. Results are collated over three months and staff are praised or trained according to the feedback received. The Client Support Centre is dual function: it processes tenancies, and acts as compliance and procedure experts. The technology allows for greater efficiency and gives landlords and tenants access to all the documents they might need. They also found that customers weren’t reading the terms and conditions before signing documents so they’ve created a 16 point checklist for the negotiators to run through face-to-face. As a result of this, retention and calibre of tenants has increased. There has also been a shift in focus from rewarding staff based on financial receipts to concentrating on service delivery. The Thorgills team really does go the extra mile.

Best Small London Lettings Agency 2016

Thorgills is a really likeable agency which has been substantially reinvesting its profits in the business to expand and grow. The implementation of the “Thorgills Blueprint” has driven a consistent approach to marketing across all branches, and ensures there is sufficient marketing activity undertaken to grow the business according to the plan. The success of this has been carefully monitored and measured and they can directly attribute an up-lift in instructions to this document. The focus on training and development is exemplary and the directors have placed equal importance on helping staff achieve both their work and personal goals. As part of the Dream Academy initiative the director meets with the team for a one-to-one every six weeks to review their personal goals and to assist where possible. Thorgills enjoys a respected reputation in its location, and this is due to the enthusiasm the team shows for getting involved in local causes. They’ve built relationships with 60 local businesses for the mutual benefit of each other and the clients, and they have a commitment to running or participating in at least one charity event each month.

Best Training & Development Lettings Agency 2016

The Thorgills curriculum strikes a perfect balance between technical and holistic requirements. The directors believe that the best way of differentiating their business from their competitors is by empowering their staff to fulfill their potential. Each employee is given a six-month probation period to allow them to get to grips with the Thorgills habits. The Development Project is well thought out and the panel was impressed that alongside the mandatory sessions, the team is also allocated a cash amount to spend on the training of their choice (with management sign off). Having recognised that as a smaller business, there can often be a bottleneck preventing promotions, the directors implemented another great initiative - the progression scale. This seeks to advance employees’ status according to their knowledge and experience, even if an actual promotion to the next level isn’t available. The Thorgills Dream Academy assists in making personal goals a reality, and they’ve improved this even further by offering a substantial secondary reward to the person who achieves the most through the Dream Academy each year.