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Estate Agency of the Year Awards 2016
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Your Move

Best National Estate Agency 2016

Your Move has been rewarded time and again in these awards and continues to demonstrate an exemplary commitment to customer service delivery. They've stayed true to the customer; the only thing that matters is their experience. Surveys and questionnaires are vital to understanding client motivation and satisfaction and they’re used in a considered way and to great effect. The training and development curriculum is thorough and covers general industry skills but also drills down into minute detail where required, for example during a specific marketing campaign. One example is the ‘It pays to be with Your Move’ media campaign which enabled Your Move to target its vendors more directly. As a national agency with great brand awareness, they truly deal with any number of different properties, locations and demographics. Rather than this diluting their offering though, they’ve embraced this diversity and seek to communicate according to the clients’ needs above all.

Best Financial Services Estate Agency 2016

The financial services offering at Your Move is robust, resilient and compliant. The team is confident and prepared to deal with any queries and situations which may arise, an attitude which is due in part to the revised training programme. There have been some great marketing campaigns this year which have tightened up processes in terms of client contact and maximising opportunities. High performers are given a lot of support to realise their pipeline and give fantastic service, and there is low staff churn. Your Move has increased the number of financial advisors significantly so customers don’t have to wait for appointments and can be confident of booking sufficient time with an advisor to answer all their questions. To meet demand, Your Move has recruited externally but also fast tracked suitable trainees through the CeMAP qualification reducing the time to qualify from six months to two weeks through heavy investment.

Best Property Management 1001+ Lettings Agency 2016

As is to be expected when managing the number of properties that Your Move does, its internal systems and processes really are second to none. The dedicated property management centre is staffed by over 150 lettings specialists who provide property management advice and service 24/7. All front and back office systems have been combined under one roof, from credit referencing and control to customer relations and acquisitions. The latter is a specialist team who manage the relationships with landlords and tenants who have become Your Move clients through the acquisition of their original agency. They work closely with the branch teams as well as the landlords and tenants to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. The judges were particularly impressed by the calibre of the individuals working for Your Move. They’ve shown great foresight in understanding changes in legislation and how these will impact their clients, and have sought to address these early on whilst sustaining their service levels. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of excellence. In the property management arena, Your Move’s presence is solid, confident and reassuring.

Best National Lettings Agency 2016

Clients using Your Move can rest assured that they will receive the best of personalised local service combined with the robust systems and processes of a corporate giant. All staff are trained in every aspect of lettings from the foundational principles at induction to the finer detail of the technical qualifications and legislative compliance. Internal helplines are available and everyone has the ability and confidence to speak to the Lettings Director should they need assistance. Equally, the team is quizzed to ensure that their knowledge is up to scratch, for example, the senior team spot checked the team to ensure they fully understood and could communicate the Right to Rent initiative. They believe that with thorough knowledge comes confidence and are already planning for the upcoming changes in EPC compliance to ensure Your Move is ahead of the game. There has been huge investment in the landlord portal which has been really well received; the most viewed pages are rent statements, running costs and maintenance. Your Move is an excellent business which makes the most of a dedicated team and fantastic technology.